Always want Tassie wines but always never?

Tiger Wines imports only the very best Tasmanian wines into Singapore. We’re very niche and you won’t always find what you want available here, but that’s because Tasmanian wine production is a tiny fraction of Australia’s overall production (0.48% at last count). Great Tassie wines are often damned hard to get, sometimes downright impossible. Have you tried to get any of that 97 point 2003 Bay of Fires Arras in Singapore? See what I mean.  Our good friends at Le Vigne carry Kreglinger, Ninth Island and Pipers Brook but beyond that, it’s slim picking.

We’ve counted  about 30 wineries in Tasmania that are producing 95+ point wines, and it’s those that Tiger Wines will be concentrating on.

Tasmanian wines have so much to offer the wine enthusiast – cool climate varietals such as riesling and pinot noir, a real sense of terroir, and some of the best, if not THE best sparkling whites in Australia. Chardonnay? Well, Tassie chardonnay is usually  found in Penfolds Yattarna and Hardys Eileen Hardy.

If you do want something special, let us know and we’ll see if we can track it down for you. Prising it away from the Taswegians, who reckon they’re on to a good thing, might be another matter!


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