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Craiglee Sunbury Shiraz 2013


2013 Shiraz 2


La Violetta “La Ciornia” Great Southern Shiraz 2013


I first met Andrew Hoadly from La Violetta wines in August, when he visited Singapore as part of a Great Southern wine event. I was immediate;y struck by his enthusiasm and almost rebellious approach to winemaking. As you know, Tiger Wines may well have the motto “no boring wines” and Andrew’s wines fit this to a t. It seems JancisRobinson.com agrees, with his wines that have been reviewed so far receiving glowing reviews. Following the event, Andrew and I sat together and talked, and it was agreed there and then that some of the La Violetta wines would make their way to Singapore.

“La Violetta began producing small quantities of wine at Denmark, on Western Australia’s south coast, in 2008. Grapes are sourced from a handful of trusted growers with exceptional vineyards, some amongst the oldest in the state. The idea is to keep production at a small scale so that each wine is personally hand-crafted. In 2010, La Violetta’s first release, 2008 La Ciornia, featured in Matthew Jukes’ Top 100 and Sarah Ahmed’s Top Five Australian Wines. The wines are not entered into shows due to the limited volumes produced.

The name ‘La Violetta’ derives from an old Peidmontese song celebrating intoxication. And the name ‘Ciornia’ (meaning ‘dark’ or ‘black’ in Russian) carries the 19th Century Romantic sense of being drawn by a fatalistic necessity to act decisively…ideally people will sing the song ‘Oci Ciornia’ when they are drinking it. Perhaps more significantly, in the local dialect, ciornia is a term for an attractive woman. A very attractive woman. It’s also a pretty bad pun on Cxrnas, that hotbed of potent shiraz-making on the Rhxne.”

Tiger Wines is delighted to introduce the La Violetta wines to Singapore. Please see the attachment for pricing and availability.


David Boxall
From ‘Oci Ciornia’ (Dark Eyes) by Hrebinka:


Oh, not for nothing are you darker than

the deep!

I see mourning for my soul in you.

I see a triumphant flame in you: A poor

heart immolated in it.




Final Cut “Take Two” Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014


I keep saying that “in the interest of transparency, Huon Hooke has rated this wine….” usually followed by a low rating.

Well, here I go again. One thing is clear, when Huon doesn’t like a wine, he really doesn’t like it. He gives this wine 78 and says (his bottle at least) was bretty.

So, before promoting it, I thought I’d better try it again, so I did that last week. My conclusion is that the rating of 93+ from Gary Walsh (of The Wine Front) is spot on. That puts it in the middle of the “good wine” range. I didn’t pick up any brett, but I’m no expert although I have had enough Italian wines to know what it is!


David Boxall