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Mount Cathedral Vineyard “Reserve” Upper Goulburn Cabernet Sauvignon 2010


I started sending the below promotion out to customers and before you know it, 11 bottles had gone.

So, just 4 left as of 19 May.




Every time I go back to Australia, I drive past this vineyard, and just as things that are closest often tend to get overlooked, so it is with Mount Cathedral Vineyards.

I bought this wine back in late 2014 after Halliday named the vineyard as one of his “10 Dark Horses”. I have promoted it by email only once, and that was back in mid-2015, so I really haven’t given it the attention it deserves. Given that I can almost see the vineyard from our property (it’s about 15 kilometres away as the crow flies).

Thankfully, with a suggested drinking range out to 2040, there’s still plenty of time to give it a try.

No minimum order, and will be here second half of June if ordered.


David Boxall



2016 Chardonnay – 11 btls – $72 – Campbell Mattinson 95
2016 Pinot Noir – 45 btls – $72 – Campbell Mattinson 95

(HOUSE OF) ARRAS, Tasmania

2003 “EJ Carr Late Disgorged” Sparkling – 4 btls – $150 – Huon Hooke 96, Tyson Stelzer 96…possibly the last bottles offered for retail sale in Melbourne. Should be drunk soon, this year at least, hence the price here of S$150 when the last per bottle asking price in Australia was A$145.

2008 “Grand Vintage” Sparkling – 9 btls – $93 – Huon Hooke 95, Halliday 95, Tyson Stelzer 95 – running very low in Australia, discounted like crazy on release by Dan Murphys etc, but now harder to get. Brand is part of Accolade which has recently been sold to equity group Carlyle so who knows what the future holds


2010 Reserve Cabernet 2