Chatto ‘Glengarry’ Tasmania Pinot Noir 2020


94 Nick Stock, 94 Gary Walsh, 92 Huon Hooke…”a young pinot with a bright future”

Glengarry is a small town of roughly 500 people about 10kms west of the Tamar River at about the same latitude as Stoney Rise. It was a favourite stop-off place when I used to visit Tassie, with Grey Sands ‘Glengarry’ Vineyard being the last winery to visit before boarding the ferry at Devonport. The hospitality was always great at Grey Sands but one visit, totally my own fault, I stayed a little too long and then meandered across the winding B road towards Devonport. I knew I was running a liitle late but still thought I had time to spare. Anyway, I coudn’t hurry as I was carrying nearly 700kgs of wine in my Mitsubishi traytop, so 70kmh was fine thank you.

A phone call from my mate who was also travelling on the ferry changed that plan. “Box, where are you? All the cars have been loaded and they want to close the gate”. Gulp. I sheepishly said I must have miscalculated and I was still 30 kms out. Time to get that Mitsubishi motoring!

He rang back in a few minutes and said they’d close the gates on me come-what-may if I wasn’t there by 6:45pm. At 6:42pm I’d entered the outskirts of Devonport and at 6.44pm I crested a hill and yelled down the phone to him “I can see the ferry!”. I got to the gate at 6:51pm and they let me through. As I was handed my boarding pass, the gate officer said “You’re a lucky man. And thank your friend who parked his car across the boom gate and wouldn’t move until you arrived.” Tensions were relieved onboard over a shared bottle of Home Hill ‘Estate’ Pinot Noir, on my tab of course.

I’ve not called this wine Tamar Valley because strictly speaking, I think the streams around this way run a little west before heading to the nearby sea. The district is known as Tamar West.

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