Home Hill ‘Landslide’ Huon Valley Pinot Noir 2018


96 James Halliday, 81 Huon Hooke…”a glorious wine”

If you’ve visited Home Hill’s wonderful winery, you’ll know that there is indeed evidence of a small landslide above one section of the vineyard.

So, what’s going on here then? Halliday 96, Hooke 81. I can’t answer that, I can only add that I’ve had a couple of the 2018 Landslide and whilst I didn’t take notes and my memory is not the greatest, I’d recall if the wine was as bad as Huon’s review, and probably pulled it from sale. Some of you have probably also tried it as it was released by me in Singapore in January 2020 so if you’ve any feedback it would be much appreciated. If you buy it, and it’s not up to scratch, then I’ll refund.

Currently listed at S$59, I’ve dropped it to S$49 to tempt you to try.


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2017 – $53 – 5 btls in AU – JH95
2020 – $58 – 20 btls in SG – not rated.

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