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Home Hill ‘Kelly’s Cuvee’ Huon Valley Sparkling 2015


95 Huon Hooke…”I liked this more and more”

This 2015 is a museum release by Home Hill as it’s the 2018 vintage that is current (and which appears in the bottle shot). I’ve only just taken delivery in Melbourne.

It’s a Bennett family affair at Home Hill with Rosemary looking after the operational side of things, Terry hunting down the wasp nests, and son Sean in charge of the vineyards. Daughter Kelly looks after the cellar door, weddings and other celebrations, and gets her name on the prestigious Home Hill Kelly’s Reserve Pinot Noir. Also on the Kelly’s Reserve Chardonnay and here, the Kelly’s Cuvee. I haven’t tried this vintage yet so I’ll have to rely on Huon Hooke’s opinion but if he doesn’t like something, or thinks it is faulty, he says so.