Luke Lambert Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2015


95+ Gary Walsh (The Wine Front); 91 Huon Hooke…”what a drink!”

I bought way too much of this a little over 4 years ago, if there’s such a thing as way too much Luke Lambert. His wines are typically gone within days of allocation. A quick look on WineSearcherPro revealed none for sale anywhere else at the moment and the last sale in Australia (2018) was at A$64, which is quite a tick up from its release price of A$34. Luke does have his following.

I’m down to my last bottles now so this might be the “last chance to see” as Douglas Adams would say.

I’ve got 5 BOTTLES in MELBOURNE, they can be here mid-May if ordered. No minimum purchase.

You might also like to try the 2014 vintage…S$57, 9 btls in Melbourne, Gary Walsh 95.

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