Paradigm Hill ‘Col’s Block’ Mornington Peninsula Shiraz 2015


Paradigm Hill is located at Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula, so on the eastern side facing Phillip Island rather than Port Phillip Bay. The vineyard is lower than many on the peninsula and closer to the sea. At 13.3% alc. this vintage is a bit higher than previously (the 2014 is only 12%) but still warrants the differentiation from the big, warm climate, often high alcohol Barossa shiraz. This is savoury rather than jammy, white pepper rather than black, and as George Mihaly notes in his comments (in the attachment), complements rather than dominates food. I’ll be the first to admit that cool climate shiraz (more often referred to as Syrah) may not be for everyone. I grew up on big, bold 16% alc. Barossa shiraz and it took a while for me after moving to Singapore to appreciate the softer, more delicate fragrances and palate of the cool climate style. Now, I realise there’s a place for both and I enjoy both.

I bought this back in April 2018, but have never done an email on it so its been sitting and slowly maturing. Halliday says drink to 2030, Campbell Mattinson to 2020. George Mihaly says it should be good to 2027.

It’s listed at S$65, I’ve got 6 bottles in Melbourne so can be here mid-August if ordered, no minimum purchase and free delivery.


2015 Col's Block Shiraz 2

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