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Mt Brave ‘Mt Veeder’ Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


This is the current release from Mt Brave, landing in stock a few months ago. It’s listed at US$100 at Mt Brave’s cellar door, and that price conservatively converts to S$135, exactly the price that it’s for sale in Singapore (see attachement). It retails in Australia at around A$160-A$180 thanks to their 29% alcohol tax, whereas here in Singapore the alcohol tax is just S$8.91. Cheap lah!

I’ve got 21 bottles in stock in Singapore.

2016 Cabernet 2

Provenance ‘Regional Series’ Ballarat Pinot Noir 2015


Unfortunately I didn’t keep the website tasting notes for this wine so just the Halliday rating (96) on the attachment for reference. I like the regional series wines from Provenance which in addition to Ballarat includes Geelong and Henty, and from the 2016 vintage, Macedon.

Halliday’s 2019 Best Value Winery.

I’ve got 14 bottles in Melbourne which (hopefully) can be delivered in June if ordered. S$69 all up, no minimum purchase.


2015 RS Ballarat PN 2