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Yangarra ‘High Sands’ McLaren Vale Grenache 2014


Gary Walsh of The Wine Front says “these are the wines that should make us proud of Australia”.

Release price downunder of A$140. Three weeks ago, before the lockdown, I had 12 bottles of this. Now I’ve got just 2 BOTTLES LEFT IN SINGAPORE @ S$150 all up.

Oh, did I mention that this wine is seen elsewhere in Singapore at between S$150 and S$200 (for a singe bottle purchase in a bricks and mortar shop)

2014 High Sands Grenache 2

Gran Moraine Yamhill-Carlton (Oregon) Chardonnay 2015


Wine Spectator suggests drinking “2018 through 2021” so time in the bottle since I purchased it in March 2018 is not wasted. I brought this 2015 vintage into Singapore direct from Jackson Family Wines. I’m selling the 2015 for S$74 (down from S$79 initially) which I think is a fair price against its US$50-ish retail price. I’ve got 10 BOTTLES IN SINGAPORE.

2015 Chardonnay 3.1