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Hickinbotham Clarendon Vineyard ‘The Revivalist’ McLaren Vale Merlot 2016


The Hickinbotham Clarendon Vineyard range for 2016 has been very well received by the raters.

There’s a new addition to the range too, a grenache under the name “Elder Hill”

From a ratings point of view, the label that usually sits in the shadow of the other varieties and blends is “The Revivalist” Merlot, and yet it’s the merlot that is the most popular amongst my customers, often selling out before the others.

Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise as The Revivalist is made by Chris Carpenter (famous for producing the 100 point Cabernets for Lokoya and Cardinale) with input from Peter Fraser of Yangarra, the Jackson Family Wines vineyards that abutt the Hickinbotham holding.

Most of the Hickinbotham wines are destined for the US, where The Revivalist lists for US$75 (about S$103) and where it is sold under cork rather than screwcap. It was my choice, but for this vintage I have chosen for the wines to be under cork as I’ve suffered too many losses during past airfreights with potential leakage from dented and damaged screwcaps.

The 2016 The Revivalist is retailing here at S$92 all up. The 2015 sold out on release, but after a re-order, I have 9 bottles of the 2015 left if you’d like to do a vintage comparison (Halliday 95, Robert Parker 92+)

Here’s the rest of the 2016 Hickinbotham Clarendon Hills range:

“The Peake” Cabernet Shiraz – S$152 – Huon Hooke 98
“Trueman” Cabernet Sauvignon – S$92 – Huon Hooke 97
“Elder Hill” Grenache – S$92 – Hallliday 95
“Brooks Road” Shiraz – S$92 – Halliday 95


David Boxall

2016 The Revivalist 2