Luke Lambert Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2014


Here’s another one of those wines that have sat at the back of my cellar and not been reviewed before. I bought this exactly three years ago and it’s now sitting nicely in the middle of its drinking window.

Luke Lambert advised that yields for 2014 chardonnay were down 70% from previous years so there was never much of this about. It sold out at cellar door on release.

Mike Bennie (The Wine Front) commented “geez, I like the way he handles chardonnay. Like that ‘touch of Jura’ to them.”

I’ve got 17 bottles in Melbourne which can be here week before Easter if ordered (note: next airfreight closes 8 April), no minimum purchase. The fall in the A$ has clipped a bit off the previous listed price of S$54, so it’s now being sold at S$50.


David Boxall

2014 Chardonnay

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