Thick as Thieves ‘Another Bloody’ Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2013


My goodness, I really do need to be more diligent in checking what’s in my temperature-controlled coolroom in Australia.

Here’s a chardonnay that I bought back in October 2014 (!), took 3 bottles from the case for myself, and then forgot to tell anyone else about it.

I’m rectifying that here now, but expect to see some more nicely aged wines coming on offer over the next few months.

Originally listed at S$57, the A$ is being kind to us in Singapore presently so it’s now S$54. There’s 6 bottles in Melbourne that can come up in early April if ordered, no minimum as usual. Please have a look at the attachment for Halliday’s comments.

I’ve also got a few bottles left of the 2012 vintage at S$49, also Halliday 95, and drink by 2020.


David Boxall

2013 Chardonnay 2

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