Provenance ‘Regional Series’ Henty Pinot Noir 2015


Henty is not exactly top-of-the-mind when it comes to naming wine regions in Victoria. It’s 300+ kms west of Melbourne in the far SW corner of Victoria. Hardly on a major wine tourist route then. Importantly though, the Henty Wine Region includes the town and surrounds of Portland on the coast, and it’s near Portland that the Henty brothers planted Victoria’s first vineyard.

Yes, I thought that might come as a surprise.

Another surprise might be that the vines came from Tasmania…Launceston to be precise.

These days, you might be familiar with Crawford River, Henty Estate, and Hentyfarm from the region.

Halliday gives the 2015 Regional Selection pinot 97 points with Ballarat and Geelong at 96. I have them all if you’d like to compare. The others are:

2015 Regional Series Ballarat – $62 – Halliday 96 – 2030
2015 Regional Series Geelong – $62 – Halliday 96 – 2035

All in Melbourne.


David Boxall

2015 rs henty pn

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