Pressing Matters ‘R0’ Tasmania Riesling 2017


It climbed to 41*C last Friday at our place in Victoria, so I could think of nothing better once the sun was over the yardarm than a chilled, crisp, dry riesling.

This 2017 Pressing Matters R0 (meaning zero grams of residual sugar) is as dry as they come.

Here’s what the Melicks say about it:

“This is an acid driven wine with almost no residual sugar – it is narrow on the palate and if people like dry white wine – this is a super-dry white wine! However the lack of sugar does not mean a lack of floral and citrus fruits on the nose and palate. The R0 is a perfect complement to seafood and shellfish.” – Greg & Michelle Melick

I’ve got 17 bottles in Melbourne that can come up in mid-March if ordered. No minimum purchase. They’re safely stored in my temperature controlled coolroom.


The 41*C heat put paid to my plans to deliver the current airfreight to DHL on Friday. If you have wines in the current airfreight, they went down to DHL this morning when the temprature was 20 degrees lower.  I’m still hoping that deliveries in Singapore may start this week but I’m now in the hands of the airline and customs gods.

Thanks for your understanding.



PARADIGM HILL, Mornington Peninsula:

2018 Riesling – S$54 – not yet rated
2018 Pinot Gris – S$73 – nyr
2017 “L’ami sage” Pinot Noir – S$79 – nyr
2016 “Adesso” Pinot Noir – S$82 – Halliday 95
2017 “Adesso” Pinot Noir – S$85 – nyr
2017 “Les Cinq” Pinot Noir – S$94 – nyr
2016 “Col’s Block” Shiraz – S$66 – nyr

2017 r0

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