Luke Lambert Yarra Valley Syrah 2014


Well, here’s another wine that I bought some time ago (September 2015), stuck it away in my coolroom, and promptly forgot about it. This is the first time I’ve done an email on it. Patience has been rewarded though as it’s only a little over a year into its drinking window of 2017-2025+.

Gary Walsh describes it as “painting with watercolours rather than housepaint”. I don’t know about you, but I reckon in my younger days I had some wines that tasted pretty close to housepaint.

Luke’s Syrahs are some of my favourite wines. I was introduced via the 2010 Reserve Syrah which was a stunner. “Fine bones” is an apt description.

In Melbourne, and can come up w/b 19 November if ordered, no minimum, 6 bottles to go.

Why not try a vertical? Here’s what I’ve got of Luke’s in addition to the 2014 Syrah:

2015 Syrah – 10 btls – S$56 – Gary Walsh 95
2016 Syrah – 7 btls – S$59 – Gary Walsh 95
2017 Syrah – 8 btls – S$58 – Gary Walsh 96, Jeremy Oliver 94 – NEW RELEASE


David Boxall

2014 Syrah

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