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Paradigm Hill “Les Cinq” Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016


From George Mihaly’s own description and David Bicknell’s rating (tasting for Halliday), this is not a wine to buy today and pour tomorrow. 2032 seems to be the “drink-by” window.

When I buy my wines (and I usually by 3 at a time) I stagger the drinking year out so that one wine is listed for drinking in the next 12 months, one is listed halfway out to the recommended drink-by year, and the third somewhere between the two. There’s two reasons that I do this – firstly, I don’t see a lot of point in purposely holding a wine to the possible end of its life (and the wine in the middle will let me adjust for that bottle anyway) and secondly at my age, being around 20 years from now is not a certainty!

There is another downside to putting wines into your cellar that are heavily weighted to being drunk way into the future…you’ll run out of space for the wines that you want to buy to drink now. Like everything in life, balance is the key.

This wine, the 2016, is the current release and is listed at A$89 on Paradigm Hill’s website but is now sold out there

I’m listing it here in Singapore at S$89.


David Boxall


Here’s some other PARADIGM HILL wines you might like to try:

2017 Pinot Gris – 11 bottles – S$73 – Halliday 95 (rrp A$60)
2017 Riesling – 11 bottles – S$56 – Halliday 95
2016 “Transition” Rosé – 8 bottles – S$59 – Halliday 94
2016 “L’ami Sage” Pinot Noir – 9 bottles – S$83 – Halliday 94
2014 “Col’s Block” Shiraz – 9 bottles – S$57 – Halliday 952016 Les Cinq 2

Luke Lambert Yarra Valley Syrah 2014


Well, here’s another wine that I bought some time ago (September 2015), stuck it away in my coolroom, and promptly forgot about it. This is the first time I’ve done an email on it. Patience has been rewarded though as it’s only a little over a year into its drinking window of 2017-2025+.

Gary Walsh describes it as “painting with watercolours rather than housepaint”. I don’t know about you, but I reckon in my younger days I had some wines that tasted pretty close to housepaint.

Luke’s Syrahs are some of my favourite wines. I was introduced via the 2010 Reserve Syrah which was a stunner. “Fine bones” is an apt description.

In Melbourne, and can come up w/b 19 November if ordered, no minimum, 6 bottles to go.

Why not try a vertical? Here’s what I’ve got of Luke’s in addition to the 2014 Syrah:

2015 Syrah – 10 btls – S$56 – Gary Walsh 95
2016 Syrah – 7 btls – S$59 – Gary Walsh 95
2017 Syrah – 8 btls – S$58 – Gary Walsh 96, Jeremy Oliver 94 – NEW RELEASE


David Boxall

2014 Syrah

Mayer Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2015


Timo Mayer has retired from being joint winemaker at Gembrook Hill and is now focussing solely on his own vineyard at “Bloody Hill”, his family’s property on the slopes of Mt Toolebewong near Healesville.

I brought this wine up in the second half of 2016 but I’m only now getting around to promoting it. I guess the advantage of that is that it sits in my cellars in Singapore getting some nice age on it rather than cluttering up space in your wine fridge. It’s now smack bang in the middle of its drinking window.

Other Mayer Chardonnay’s to try: (both in Melbourne)

2014 S$71 – Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) 95
2017 S$73 – not yet rated


David Boxall



CRAIGLEE, Sunbury:
2014 Shiraz – 10 bottles – S$70 – Gary Walsh (TWF) 95

KATE HILL, Tasmania:
2014 Pinot Noir – 9 bottles – S$55 – Halliday 94

POONAWATTA, Eden Valley:
2018 “The Eden” Riesling – 11 bottles – S$47 – not yet rated

ROB HALL, Yarra Valley:
2017 Cabernets – 9 bottles – S$46 – Halliday 96
2017 Pinot Noir – 10 bottles – S$47 – Halliday 95
2017 “Harriet’s Vineyard” Pinot Noir – 9 bottles – S$57 – Halliday 962015 Chardonnay 2