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Sailor Seeks Horse Tasmania Pinot Noir 2014


This vintage is now sold out. I still have 25 bottles of the 2013 @ $63. Watch this space for release of the 2015.



Chartley Estate Tasmania Riesling 2014


That’s quite an impressive trophy list.

“Best from Tasmania”, “Best in Australia” and to top it off, “Best Dry Riesling” against competitors from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

At A$50 retail, I think this is Tasmania’s most expensive riesling but it still falls well short of the price of some of the top Clare Valley rieslings.

For the record, “dry” in this show is defined as less than 8 grams of residual sugar.


David Boxall


Grey Sands Tasmania Pinot Noir 2010


Yes, Grey Sands only released this vintage in the second half of last year and it remains their latest offering.

Bob and Rita Richter purposely hold back their wine until the wine has had time to develop in the bottle. I guess that’s the luxury of a small independent vineyard.

If you are making a visit to Tasmania, this is a vineyard to put on your “must visit” list. It’s not flashy, in fact quite the reverse. If the weather is foul, you may very well end up in the Richter’s kitchen. If the weather is fine and the season is right, you’ll end up sampling your wine in one of northern Tasmania’s finest gardens.

They’re not open every day so best to call Rita beforehand and make an appointment. Check the website for details:

A low profile winery but with a very strong following from loyal customers.


David Boxall