Stefano Lubiana Tasmania Pinot Noir 2014


I caught up with Steve on his flying visit through Singapore earlier this year. He was on his way to Europe on his annual “holiday” making and learning about wine and grape varieties in different parts of the world. He let slip to me then that he thought they’d won a fairly prestigious award as he was asked to detour to London.

Just the odd award or two!

I’m not surprised though. Every time I go to Tasmania (which is around 3 times a year) I never miss a visit to Stefano Lubiana Wines just north east of Hobart overlooking the Derwent River. Steve and Monique have put in the hard yards over many years, taken risks, and experimented with new styles and varieties, and even dabbling in grappa. I was once asked by Steve whether I thought biodynamic wines would be accepted in Asia. To my great embarrassment, I replied that I didn’t think anyone in Asia cared about biodynamic. How wrong I was.

This wine used to be called “Estate” but they dropped the word for the 2014 vintage, now listing it on their website under “single vineyard”.

It’s sold out at the winery but I’ve got 50 bottles in Singapore.

Steve’s a great winemaker and Land Rover Defender owner to boot. All round nice guy!

See the attached for details.


David Boxall

(PS – the 2015 Pinot Noir recently won Best Australian Pinot Noir at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards. It will arrive in January but I don’t have a lot so let me know ASAP if you are interested)



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